39 Acres +/- Putnam County Hunting Land





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15129 150th Road
Powersville, MO  64672


40.513120 / -93.281500

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Joshua Flournoy: Agent


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Putnam County, Missouri has long been known as one of the top Pope & Young producers in the whole state. Bordered by the Iowa line to the north, Putnam sits smack “in the zone” of some of the best deer management areas there are in north Missouri. This 39.6 +/- acres property is a pure hunting farm with a variety of wooded cover, everything from giant old mature white oaks to cedar thickets to creek bottoms with transition zones in between. Access is from the south and east. The property has the added benefit of having some very quiet & secluded potential home-build or getaway cabin sites. Rural water and electric are at the quality gravel road bordering the property, and a hard surface/paved road is only 1 mile away to the east. The property is located 19 miles from Unionville to the southeast and 24 miles from Princeton to the southwest. This farm has been owned for approximately 30 years by a non-resident who hasn’t deer hunted it in years and no one else has had permission to deer hunt it in years either. I saw both deer and turkey on the property when walking around and getting photos. There are several finger ridges on the south and east sides of the property that with a little bit of clearing work could be turned into some great hidden food plots. There is great deer habitat on the neighboring properties in almost every direction including some very big blocks of timber.

Please contact Land Specialist Joshua Flournoy at (641) 203-9427 for more information. Showings by Appointment Only.

Property Features

- Putnam County 39.6 Acres +/- Northern Missouri Hunting Land w/potential Home-Build or Getaway Cabin sites

- Gravel road location with year-round access, only 1 mile from pavement

- Rural water & electric at gravel road bordering property

- 19 miles from Unionville, 24 miles from Princeton

- 100% wooded, pure hunting farm

- Deer & Turkey hunting

- Owner hasn’t deer hunted property in years and no one else has had permission to deer hunt either

- Great south and east side access

- Multiple spots for nice hidden food plots with a little bit of clearing work

- Several locations on south and east side of property for a potential getaway cabin or home-build site 

- 2023 Property Taxes $56.23

- Map property boundaries as drawn are approximate/estimated only


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