95+ Acres in Bucklin, MO



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36690 Nation Road
Bucklin, MO  64631




39.845176 / -92.860924

Price Per Acre:


Luke Shoemaker: Company Owner/Agent


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95.42 surveyed acres of ready-to-hunt Northern Missouri hardwood timber!  The Mussel Fork Creek corridor is locally known for producing quality deer, and a great turkey population, and this tract isn't any different...  The stage is set, you just need to show up and get in one of the 10+ deer stands! The current owners have outfitted this farm with 2 Redneck Blinds and one custom built blind which is overlooking a secluded clover plot.  There is also 7 ladder stands scattered throughout, so hunting every type of wind and food scenario is possible.  This farm is comprised of majority white oak timbered ridges, with excellent terrain changes from brushy hillsides leading to creek-bottom travel corridor's.  Owners state that the spring turkey hunting on this farm is un-matched, and hard to let go of!  (The largest wild turkey ever harvested by female in the State of Missouri was harvested on this farm!)  There is a 20x30 pole barn with electric, 2 camper hook-ups with water and electric, a 200 yard shooting range, miles of maintained trails, 3 food plots and countless other improvements ready for the new owners to step into.  Call Luke Shoemaker with questions, 660-676-2218!  

*There is a home and shop across the road that can be purchased as a package deal, but listed separately. 

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