80 Acres in Sullivan County



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Boulder Drive
Milan, MO  63556




40.248744 / -93.303059

Price Per Acre:


Luke Shoemaker: Company Owner/Agent


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Some farms are just built different...  There is not another North Missouri habitat scenario you can throw at this farm, it literally has it all.  Property is comprised of south facing cedar and native grass covered hillsides, thick deep ditches riddled in locust and hedge, and huge secluded soybean plots with shooting houses in place.  The current owner has designed this farm to hunt from our predominant west wind, with multiple access points on the east.  Farm is accessed through deeded easement, letting you hunt all sides of the farm without road frontage and passers by.  The property is extremely private, with the closest public road just under 1/2 mile away.  Call Luke Shoemaker with questions, 660-676-2218. 

*Deer stands are negotiable

*No utilities

*Huge established food plots

*Diverse Habitat

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