67 Acres next to Pershing State Park, MO



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Dayton Road
Meadville, MO  64659




39.816989 / -93.249454

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Luke Shoemaker: Company Owner/Agent


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There are certain farms you only get a chance at once in your lifetime, this is one of them.

The opportunity to hunt mature, unpressured deer is usually only obtained through extremely large tracts of land, but given this farm's proximity to Pershing State Park, all it takes is the right acre.  Farms surrounding Pershing State Park are the most sought after hunting land our area has to offer, all because of only a few select managed hunts, on over 5000 acres, which creates a sanctuary like no other.   An often overlooked key to hunting success, is the placement of a farm in relation to highly traveled public roads.  This property sits in an area that spans over 14,000 acres, with no "through roads".  That block is made up of huge ag fields, dense swampy bottoms, and topped off with the State Park.  There is a rustic log cabin on the farm, with electricity in place, but would need a good cleaning and some maintenance.  The farm has multiple ponds, riddled with deer tracks, and hidden from any public eyes.  Muddy Blinds are in place overlooking clover plots, and there is a Sportsman's condo down in the bottom, as well as countless tree stands throughout.  The transition area from hilltop to creek bottom is loaded with some of the biggest white oaks I have ever seen, and the current landowner says when the acorns start dropping, the deer pile in like a hunting preserve.  Call Luke Shoemaker to learn more, or to schedule a showing, 660-676-2218.

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