64 Acres in Goldsberry



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Anvil Street
Goldsberry, MO  63557




39.963001 / -92.825077

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Luke Shoemaker: Company Owner/Agent


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Located on a minimal traffic gravel road, sits this 64 acre recreational farm, complete with a 2 bed, 1 bath cabin! Whitetail Driven Solutions Habitat Design was recently hired, and has spent countless hours designing habitat and doing the work necessary getting this tract to its current condition. Strategic food plots with minimal intrusion entry points, tall grasses and stand locations have been implemented to the benefit of the hunter.  Beautiful creek runs through the middle of the farm providing year-around water and a no-brainer place to rut hunt.  Current owner has started the process to enroll some of the tillable acres into CRP to provide income and habitat for all of the critters.  Call Luke Shoemaker-660-676-2218, or David Wilt-660-676-2331 with questions, or to set up a showing.

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