34 Acres west of Atlanta in Macon County, MO



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State Hwy J
Atlanta, MO  63530




39.929158 / -92.594795

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Take a look at this well maintained, 34 acre property located west of Atlanta Missouri 6.5 miles!  Blacktop frontage properties are getting harder to find, especially properties with as many potential uses as this one.  With water and electric located along the State maintained blacktop, building your forever home will be a breeze here. The farm is comprised of level laying land, which is currently planted to soybeans, as well as some grassland and timber.  Property is currently used as a hunting farm, with lush ladino clover plots in very strategic locations, as well as access trails, and man made funnels everywhere.  The center of the farm is made up of hardwood timber, with a very dense undergrowth, perfect for holding deer year-around, and food planted on each side giving you multiple wind access options.  Give Luke Shoemaker a call with questions, 660-676-2218.

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