Home and 9.5 Acres Frontier Lane



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28910 N Frontier Lane La Plata MO
La Plata, MO  63549




40.067431 / -92.458846

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Land Listings

Luke Shoemaker: Company Owner/Agent


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Home and 9.5 acres located southwest of Kirksville! This Amish home was built in 2011 and has an open floor plan with beautiful wood floors. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bed 1 bath on the main level, and 3 bedrooms downstairs. The basement has a built in ice house, and is extremely efficient, with poured Styrofoam walls. There are multiple outbuildings with tons of potential uses, livestock, storage, additional living quarters etc. This home and buildings sit on 9.5 acres of hay and pasture land, and is subject to survey. This is an Amish built homestead, so there is currently no electricity ran to the property, but it is possible to install. Call listing agents Luke Shoemaker, 660-676-2218, or David Wilt 660-676-2331 with questions. Acreage amount is subject to survey.

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