78 Acres in Linn County



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Marble Road
New Boston, MO  63557




39.993535 / -92.923265

Price Per Acre:


Luke Shoemaker: Company Owner/Agent


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This 78 acres is without a doubt, the hunting farm that most of us dream about!  Tucked away at the end of a barely known, scarcely maintained county road and beyond the secured gated entrance, this haven boasts a trio of diverse habitats, promising an excellent hunting experience.  Hardwood timber to the east and west, plus scattered cedar thickets intertwine with new growth oaks and native grasses, forming a haven for wildlife seeking a spot to hide. The landscape is further enhanced by creek-bottom food plots loaded with clovers, brassicas, and grains.  The current owner has collaborated with Habitat Solutions LLC, to take this farm to the next level. Their expertise has resulted in a strategic habitat improvement plan that has successfully drawn deer from farms all around. Navigating the property is made seamless with a newly established trail running from the southeast corner along the eastern edge, complemented by additional trails to the west, ensuring accessibility in every wind scenario. Winigan Creek runs from north to south, and gives you quiet, scent free access all the way through the farm, plus a constant water source even in the dry months.  There are two Muddy Blinds strategically placed as well as countless ladder stands ready for different food sources and wind directions. Schedule your exclusive tour by contacting Luke Shoemaker at 660-676-2218.

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